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Private Nursery and Pre-School Group
Premier House, Longford Street
Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 4NH
Tel/Fax: 01706 622207

Email: wendyscare@aol.com

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How will my child learn?

...through exploration and play.

Dancing and music, story telling and nursery rhymes, computers, reading, construction toys, creative and imaginative play, sticking and gluing, physical activity, trips to local places of interest, sleeping...

Tiny Tots Room (0 to 2 years)

One to one interaction between our staff and your baby ensures the earliest development of your child. Your baby will receive plenty of cuddles and one to one play. Our tiny tots room has a variety of toys to stimulate your baby's senses, from hanging mobiles and wall pictures to musical toys. The room also offers plenty of space for your baby to explore in a safe environment. When it's time to rest, your baby can nod off in our quiet sleeping area.

Toddlers enjoy a day full of play and fun - walking, talking, climbing, tumbling, sticking, gluing, eating and of course napping.

Tweenies Room (2 to 3 years)

Tweenies are introduced to a more structured programme. Puzzles, singing, dancing, story telling and nursery rhymes are all included in this group's fun day. They also interact with our Bright Sparks pre-school group.

Bright Sparks Room (3 to 5 years)

Our pre-school nursery class work towards the six desirable outcomes of children's learning. To develop in these areas, your child will have access to sand and water play, computers, reading, construction toys, creative and imaginative play, both indoor and outdoor physical activity, music, dance and singing. With parents consent, we also plan trips to local places of interest with small groups of children. Trips could include adventures to the library or circus skills in the park.

Schools Out Club (5 to 10 years)

Open from 7am to 9.30am and 3pm to 6pm during term time.

We offer a secure drop off and collection service, using our own staff and vehicles from all local primary schools.

During school holidays, the club is open full time. The main theme at holiday time will be fun and activity including outings to exhibitions and museums. Don't forget your video for Schools Out presentation of its summer show or Xmas pantomime.

We provide structured activities to ensure your child's development.

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