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Private Nursery and Pre-School Group
Premier House, Longford Street
Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 4NH
Tel/Fax: 01706 622207

Email: wendyscare@aol.com

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Why are the early years so important?

...they are a child's foundations.

In their first five years, children grow and develop faster than any other time in their lives. With quality care and education, a child will have a strong foundation for their future development.

At Wendy's, we ensure your children have an excellent start to life by offering them a wide range of experiences. We provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your children can explore, imagine, create and learn.

The four main needs of pre-school children are:

  • The need for love and security

  • The need for praise and recognition

  • The need for a framework for responsible behaviour

  • The need for new experience

Our aim is:

  • To provide a loving and caring environment

  • To promote high standards in all areas

  • To nurture an awareness of moral values

  • To develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in every child

  • To encourage children to develop and learn as individuals through a wide variety of play activities

Benefits to Children:

  • Confidence and social skills

  • Make good progress at school

  • Stay in education longer

    We aim to meet your child's needs.

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